ok - here’s an update on all things DRUG (me). 
1) a full, flash based OFFICIAL WEBSITE is going to be launched extremely soon, and it’s going to be a complete experience, i.e. not your average music website. the guy who’s making this for 

me (Nathan Chambers) is unbelievably talented and it’s set up to be a place updated often and extremely in depth as far as what i believe in and think is important.
2) the first single for the NIGHTOWLS EP - a collaboration between me and Evan Barnett aka NightLight - and a corresponding music video. The song is called ‘Let it Burn’ and it’s in the editing stages and should be out in about a week. the EP will be out by the end of the month, and showcases a different side of both of us - get ready to meet this dude and his music, he’ll never give you a break once you’re hooked on him.
3) a music video for ‘face’ off the In the MEANtime EP. i’m skipping around a bit, but considering I have ZERO videos representing my newer music, and i finally have the means to direct these videos myself, i want to go back and add visuals to the songs that mean the most to me. this is one of 5 videos that are currently in the works, and should be out sometime in the next two weeks.
4) the CRASHING EP - a collaboration between me and UK (not the school) producer Keith Price - is almost finished. Only one or two songs left to write, and then touching up the mixes and promotional material. Again, this album has a different sound than my other work - mostly because Keith is the perfect producer for golden era groove/techniques meets modern day knock. It’s very classic hip hop, and surprisingly aggressive. Look for a release VERY early next year. 
5) a third, fourth, and fifth, etc., addition to the dance/improv video series i’m doing with the beautiful Tiffany Leake. we just released the second one (link on my page), and are starting shooting on the third this weekend.
6) i’m also in the process of recording NightLight’s solo LP, which is insanely intense, as well as a collaboration with Caton Marlowe aka K10 called FREEDOM JUNKIES, an EP with TEKST (San Francisco producer), my next solo LP, an all original production album (progressive EDM) and a slew of other music that will drive you absolutely crazy. I probably forgot some shit too.

The point is - if you like what i’ve done so far, you should bookmark the following links and check back often - I promise you wont be disappointed (assuming you do like what i do - i ‘make no promises’ to those of you who think i should be writing pop music). So get on it!

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twitter : @half_ind_ian
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official website : [NOT YET BITCHES]

IN[TUNE]ITION : My Life’s Work To Date

Intuneition is a state of consciousness reached during the creative process. All artists are writers. All writers are messengers. There is an intuitive aspect to life, whereby a being may divine truth without prerequisite knowledge. The search for and procurement of knowledge is not just a foolish manmade quest, it is the instinctual function of consciousness. A mind is a receptor for truth, just like the chemical receptors in the brain. Intuneition refers to the act of speaking universal truth without prerequisite knowledge, arriving at conclusions for which no known path exists. It’s as if there is a current of truth moving through all things, like radio waves, that can be tuned into in moments of reflection or seeking; a person who has escaped himself can be a vessel for a message that, perhaps, the Universe desires to deliver. 

I find my work to be most instructive to myself. Many things I have written in this state are things I did not know beforehand, and did not realize or understand until afterward, if at all. Other artists have referred to this phenomenon as well, describing themselves as being possessed - as losing track of time, space, their surroundings and themselves, as the words, sounds, pictures, or movements pour from them from some higher source. I feel very fortunate to be a participant in these events and for me it underscores the importance of listening to those who feel compelled to speak - for the message they are delivering may not be their own, and it may be specifically for you to hear. There is plenty in this life that indicates we are lost and alone, without this intuitive connection to the system that created us. We are the fingers of God, the mirror through which all things may know themselves. Please, Listen and Share if it means something to you.

ASHHHHHH : Elemental

This world is changing.  It always has been, and always will be.  Those who adapt survive.  Adapt meaning learn and apply.  You dig in stubbornly, insisting on your way, until you’re swept into oblivion.  Clockwork.  Those who disrupt the flow of the Universe will provide the ash in it’s wake.

If I could ask the richest man on this planet one question, I would ask, “Are you happy?”  I wouldn’t stay for the answer.  It would be better if he weren’t than if he was.  


As part of the promotion cycle for In[tune]ition, as well as some spring cleaning, I’m releasing tons of music that should have come out awhile ago, as well as the rejected tracks from the album.  So stay tuned, and get ready for lots of free downloads, videos, and the album - coming soon!  (if you stumble on this, and listen, please share it - this new record , i think, is important for all of us and i want as many people as possible to hear it)